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40mm Grenade Pouch
Designed to carry 3 40mm grenades. Attaches to your webbing belt or can be sewn to a vest webbing.

Ammo pouch
Designed to hold loose ammunition or magazines.

This bag is designed for the military to carry claymore mines. It is also ideal for holding tewt material while instructing in the field. Height:300mm Width:520mm Depth: 60mm

Claymore bag
Ideal for the military this unit attaches to most H/harness systems. Has a capacity to carry six extra magazines.

A compact unit for the military to carry ten magazines.

Webbing Set
British designed webbing for the infantry, plus an added feature of the chest rig which will hold up to six extra magazines

Load Bearing Webbing
An ergonomically designed webbing designed for comfort when carrying military loads.

Pack Strap Top
Fits new Alice Pack fully adjustable for comfort 2006 Design 20mm padding and new design for added comfort.
Lumber Support

DPM Watchstrap
One size fits all. This strap differs from the other strap in the catalogue in that it is made from a camouflage material.

Vest Webbing
Designed for the soldier on overseas deployment. This vest has a large carrying capacity with hidden compartments for carrying a pistol and maps. $607.50

Mountain Vest
Designed specifically for rugged terrain.

LAV Vest
Designed specifically for the light armoured vehicle personnel. Ideal for confined spaces.

This harness is designed for the military and is attached to the webbing belt.

Load Harness
An ergonomically designed harness designed for comfort. $337.50

Thermal Mat (Covered)
Ideal for those nights out in the bush for sleeping on to give added comfort and warmth. Length 1700mm Width 500mm.

One of our most sought after back packs with a 12 litre capacity and ruggedly designed for every day use. Height 420mm Width 320mm Depth 170mm.

One of our sought after packs with a 13 litre capacity backpack for everyday use. Height 420mm Width 320mm Depth 170mm

Ideal for the school starter. The rugged design will last your child through the beginning years of school.Height:380mm Width: 250mm Depth 110mm.

Patrol Pack
Designed for a day trip or over night stay. Height 300mm Width 280mm Depth 230mm.

Pack Liner
Waterproof breathable fabric to keep you items inside your pack dry.

This item is a great space saver in your pack will cram most sleeping bags to a fraction of its size.

Medic Pack
Designed to hold platoon sized medical supplies. Height 420mm Width 220mm Depth 190mm.

Nugget Bag
Ideal for holding your toilet kit or boot cleaning supplies. Diameter 130mm Length 230mm.

Pikau Pack
Designed for the hunter as a meat bag. Height 700mm Width 400mm.

Watch Strap
One size fits all.

These gaiters are designed to keep the water out of your boots and go to just below the knee. One size fits all.

Shotgun Bag
Holds a side by side shotgun broken down.

Rifle Bag – Sm/Med/Lge
Our rifle bags are designed to hold most sizes with a full length zip for easy access to your weapon, this bag also doubles up
as a shooting mat.
Large 1350mm X 240mm $148.50
Medium 1115mm X 240mm $121.50
Small 1000 X 260mm

Steyr Sling
This rifle sling is designed for the Steyr rifle and British SA80 rifle.

Bum bag
Ideal for carrying small loads. Height: 350mm, Depth: 130mm Width: 110mm.

Map Case
This map cover can hold a 1:50000 topo map plus your map marker pens and cleaner.
A nice compact unit for the soldier and tramper.

Notebook Cover
Hold standard sized note book with places for pens. Length 210mm Width 110mm.

Diary Book Cover
This cover looks after your diary and holds three pens. Length: 240mm, Width: 160mm

Business folder
Fits A4 pad and pens.

Sports Bag XL
This bag has a huge carrying capacity Great for packing the family for those weekends away. Height 380mm Width 330mm Length 750mm.

Toilet Bag
Designed to hold all of your toiletries. Diameter 130mm Length 230mm.

Designed for every day use in the field or at home. Height 310mm Width 34mm Depth 60mm.

Photo 6m X 3m Frame made out of Ply and covering out of landmark PVC erected by two people in four hours. All sizes available all at 3 meters wide and can increase in length at 3 meters intervals. Ideal as disaster relief buildings, Calf rearing shed or general purpose. Comes with or without floor cover can be made to finish at floor level as shown in photo or come down to ground level.

Price on application.

Luggage bag duluxe
Height 360mm Width 200mm Length 590mm 12oz canvas with leather trim and straps.

Suit cover
Will carry 3 suits and 1 pair of shoes. Under clothing and toiletries. 12oz canvas with leather trim and straps height 1200mm width 540.. depth 80mm


Holds all your money and also displays your licence.

ID Card Holder
Designed to go around the neck so your identification card can be clearly seen.

Javelin Pack
Used to hold sighting clu
BCU – Batteries.

Police/SAS Belt


Used by Corrections Staff

Tower Pad (Inner View)
Used to protect Skiers by wrapping around chair lift towers

Tower Pad (Outer View)
Used to protect Skiers by wrapping around chair lift towers

Water Bag
Various Sizes
Prices on Application

Snow Gun Tower Pads

WT Pack
Houses Mistral Firing System
Accessories include 2 Bty pouches, 2 raincoat pouches and 1 radio pouch.

SVT Pack
Accessories include
2 raincoat pouches

Sight BCU Pack
Accessories include
1 raincoat pouch

IFF Pack
Accessories include
2 raincoat pouches

We manufacture all types of blinds inside and out side blinds,
prices on application.

All sizes made out of heavy duty rip stop pvc, welded centre seams. cost per square meter $27.00.
Cost per square meter with luggs

Made out of english 600gsm pvc,

prices on application, as an example
this cover fitted to this vechicle
costs $607.50 including GST